Release v1.4


  • Fixed an issue where it would error if a list was synced with no people

  • Improved the sync when doing only updated data

  • Fixed where headcounts was not syncing custom count types.

  • Fixed where group tags would return an error if no tags were present.

  • Improved the donations tab by adding the Designation IDs. This allows for granular filters of each transaction. Prior it relied on multiple values for Donation ID.


  • Fixed where if it failed during a sync it would get stuck actively syncing

  • Added more granularity to the sidebar sync UI alerts


  • 403 Errors were not handled and caused the sync to stop mid sync

  • Lists were not synced properly on document setup

  • Fixed the check interval to now clear the interval if the sync fails

  • Added a blank line to empty sheets to prevent styles from bleeding down and out of bounds errors.


Original Release

  • General

    • Drastically improved the sync process. On average a sync takes 40% less time!

    • Optimized each module to better use the existing data.

    • Improved logging on the user side.

    • Removed the Services / Calendar options when logging into PCO

  • People

    • Updated the List Data tab to only include the People IDs and List IDs. This is to improve Sheet storage.

    • Improved the PCO List function to only call the lists that have been selected.

Release v1.3.0

  • General

    • Added UI notifications for more prominent user notifications.

    • Adjusted the sync time to 3am to account for PCOs update at 2am.

  • Groups

    • Group summary connector released! This pulls general group information, alongside tabs as headers.

    • Future releases will include a connector for attendance and membership.

  • People

    • Added age as -1 if no birthday is configured.

    • AddedAge Range in Google Data Studio as Not Assigned if no birthday.

  • Check-ins

    • Added an additional check-in connector that pulls information about unique check-ins and not just headcounts.

  • List Data

    • Built a list data Google Data Studio connector that pulls data from the List Data tab into Google Sheets. This allows for summary data without having to sync list people data.

  • Bug Fixes:

    • Event IDs were not returned for Headcounts.

    • List IDs were not pulled into Google Data Studio, returned this.

    • List People synced all people, regardless of checked groups. Resolved the function of managing this.

Release v1.2.0

  • General

    • Sidebar enhancements to include a contact email and virtual tip jar.

    • Improved the OAuth landing page to be more dynamic

    • Created UI errors if attempting to sync from the sidebar and it fails.

    • Reworked the Setup flow to no longer require list sync, but rather a Setup Document function to run this process. This was to fix bugs in the Trigger.

    • Created an update script that runs when you open the sidebar. This will notify you if anything has been updated.

  • Google Data Studio

    • Removed any user properties from Google Data Studio

  • Bug Fixes:

    • Triggers were created under the HEAD deployment during the OAuth process. Moved this to the Setup Document

Release v1.1.0

  • Giving:

    • Added a Date column on Donations that takes the recievedAt date and converts it to the local timezone.

  • Check-ins:

    • Modified the default Event Time Name to use the time start if the event time is not named.

  • Google Data Studio

    • Enabled users to input a default Sheet ID

    • Created a verification to ensure the user has access to that sheet before continuing.

  • General:

    • Updated the sheet names to be more user-centric.

    • Added the ability to sync specific modules in the menu bar.

Release v1.0.9

  • Initial Beta Release of Metrics for Ministry

Know Bugs:


  • If you are signed into multiple Google accounts you may have to use Incognito mode for the PCO sign-in to work. This is an issue within Google currently.

Google Data Studio:

  • If the user does not have access to the Spreadsheet it will allow them to continue the setup and throw an error when they attempt to fetch the spreadsheet Data.

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