Sometimes the answer to your question is not clear so we have done our best to answer those below!

What modules do you currently support?

Currently, we support the Planning Center People module with plans to expand to additional modules.

Can I use this without Google Data Studio (GDS)?

Yes. This integration brings your data into Google Sheets and if you're more comfortable creating charts and metrics within sheets, we encourage you to do so! However, in our experience, GDS might have a learning curve but becomes an incredibly scalable solution when it comes to sharing your numbers and data without having to share a whole spreadsheet.

How much does this cost?

We use Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, and Planning Center for this integration. All the Google products come free with your Google account and should not charge you anything. Planning Center also has a free tier and for more information, you can go here.

Who has access to my data?

This one is simple, only you unless you've shared your Google Sheet with someone. The way Google Sheets and Google Scripts work is the data belongs to your Google account, and you're simply utilizing a version of our integration to download your data. The only information we see on our end is general usage statistics, and errors if something goes wrong.

How can I secure my data?

Securing your data within Google Sheets is simple! The only people who have access to this will be those with who you've shared this Google Sheet. You can see this information by clicking Share.

You can add people by using the Share with people and groups and typing their email. If you're wanting to share a link or unshare a link you can click Get Link and control who has access to your google sheet.

What if I want to add PCO modules after I've already set this up?

You can add modules at any time by simply following the steps below:

  1. Back on your Google Sheet click Add-ons > Metrics for Ministry > Sidebar.

  2. Click Settings

  3. Select the ALL modules you want to sync and click Authorize with PCO.

  4. This will prompt you to now login with Planning Center.

  5. Click the Back button and then click Update Sheets

    • This update process can take 1 minute - 5 minutes to complete based on the size of your church database.

How can this automatically sync my data?

Metrics for Ministry has two automatic syncs enabled.

  1. It syncs any data updated since the

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