The Groups connector supports downloading summary group information on each of your groups within PCO. This enables you to make charts that contain summary information on your groups, their tags, and more. This does not include historical data.


Enable this module within the Settings screen of the sidebar. You can follow the instructions in step 2 of the configuration guide.

Ideas to Use

These are just some ideas and by no means the only way to use this information. If you find new and creative ways to look at your data we would love to hear from you! Email us at [email protected]
  • View the total breakup of your group members
  • Create charts based on group tags
  • Utalize group membership in combination with total membership to understand how healthy your church is.
  • Combine this data with a List where you can pull group membership and drive deeper insights.
    1. 1.
      Simply create a list in People that find everyone who is a part of a specific group
    2. 2.
      Sync that list to Metrics for Ministry
    3. 3.
      Create a blended data source in GDS with

Group Summary Field Descriptions

Field Name
Group ID
A unique ID that's generated per group.
Group Name
The group's name
Membership Count
The total number of people listed as a member when the sync was ran.
Type ID
The ID of the type of group
Type Name
The name of the type of group this is
Group Location Type
Physical or Virtual based on the group location.
Created At
When the group was created at.
Archived At
When the group was archived at.
Enrollment Open
Whether group enrollment is open or closed. This value is True / False.
Enrollment Strategy
How someone joins a group. Possible values are open, request_to_join closed, or open_signup
Tags are assigned dynamically and create a column for each tag group.


How are tags used?

Each tag group that you have configured will be syned as a column at the end of the data. Based on the groups value for that tag it will be filled into a comma seperataed list in that column.